Domaine du Sablou

Domaine du Sablou is an ancient residence in the middle of a silent and mystical country seat (85 ha. forest) in the heart of the French Dordogne nearby Montignac. The buildings are surrounded by a park with centuries old trees and offers a beautiful view on the picturesque medieval village of Fanlac. The estate is close to the famous caves of Lascaux and several Buddhist monasteries. The chapel and 13th century tower are symbolic to the history of the Dordogne and the special atmosphere of black perigord.

Centuries ago this area was the nursery room of the development of the human being in Western Europe. The environment breath out a mystical atmosphere. Surrounded by nature, most people can feel the strong and special energy. You can sense the silence. The centuries old forest, with rare trees and vegetation, are telling old stories with clear messages and the buildings, some of them more then 700 years old, treasures a lot of human history.

Association Le Sablou entre Terre et Ciel

Our Association has the aim to contribute to the raise Human Consciousness and act in accordance with the environment. Our aim is to become a European Center of Unity Consciousness. This as an answer to, and alternative for the current tumult in the world. We offer a place where you can re-dis-cover and share your essence. We give you the possibility to build with us and have a practical contribution to bring heaven and earth together. We imagine we are a laboratory of Human experiment on a breading ground, where you can reinvent your Human Being without any dogma. In our center the being is in the doing and work is “love in action”. Your talents are valued and you have an opportunity to flourish and grow. Not as a new kind of dream but as a new world based on oneness.

For this aim we defined three themes where our vision is build on. The themes are interdependent and intermingled with each other. Our activities carry those three elements and are carefully composed and tuned.

  • Artistic Theme: fine arts, land art, visual art, art of speech and gesture,  music, dance, Art-Nature-science meetings …..
  • Themes around nature and ecology: nature, sustainable living, ecological transition, management of natural resources of the area and its forest heritage, experimentation, sustainable management of natural resources and energy …..
  • Themes around Humanity and Well-being: being a Human Being instead of Human Doing, co-creation, non-violent communication, yoga / meditation,  research, socio-technical experimentation, connection, contemplation …..

Love, connection, unity, beauty and co-creation are our guiding principles

The fundament of all we do is Love and connection. Universal love, our essence, is what we share. Love for ourselves and the other and for the people who pass by. Love for our environment, our forest and its history. Nothing has to be changed but things have to evaluate and grow in line with what live is ment to be. On Sablou you can re-align with your essence, make friends and go with the flow.


Events@Sablou – Human Well-Being

If you want to organise an event, in us you will find your partner to make it a success. With our facilities we are able to make a customized happening of your activity. If it is a retreat, a workshop, a concert, a lecture, a ceremonie, a conference, a festival or an exhibition …….  it is all possible on Sablou.

If you like to pass by, feel welcome and visit us. If you want to stay longer and contribute in our passion, we invite you to join us. If you want to bring your unique footprint of art we will fully facilitate you and treasure it. It is all about love and connection. In other words, it is all about consciousness, the driving force behind everything. It is all we are ever longing for. No more no less.

The extent of your consciousness is limited only by your ability to love and to embrace with your love, the space around you and all it containsNapoleon Bonaparte

Here you will find in further detail what activities we have planned and are planning to do.



For the purpose of sustainable forest management we are now talking with the French Association Avenir Forêt to see if we can closely work together. The main focus of this association is forest management on a non commercial way in the best way forest can be preserved.
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Visit Sablou or Join us

If you like to contribute on the creation of a wonder of eco-culture or preserving the forest, or you like to bring your specific piece of art or  even when you like to do the dishes ….. feel welcome you to join us.

We always need green, clean, lean and keen hands to help us with a bright and light vision about life.

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