The sci Domaine du Sablou does not organize any activities itself, but the
domaine can be rented for various courses and trainings with the option
of a stay of one day to several weeks. From 30 participants you can optain
the exclusive use of the Domaine.
Please note: day time stay, has the capacity of 1 up to 250 participants.
With an overnight stay the capacity is 1 up to 45 participants.
The catering can be provided by the manager of your group or through us.

Some examples of activities on the Domaine:

For Musiciens
We welcome at Sablou all types of music including the sounds of Jazz and Djembe
drums. You have at your disposal: the chapel, the wine cellar with a capacity up to
125 persons, the meditation room, the orangery with a capacity up to 250 persons,
the gardens and forests.
The above selection is suitable for music in terms of atmosphere and acoustics.
We’ve already had the pleasure for a period of 3 weeks, of hosting on our premises,
30 Chinese masters of opera students.

Tai-chi, Yoga, etc.
We regularly receive groups of up to 45 participants in a 1 or 2 week internship.

From smaller groups for Non-duality to big festivals about Shamanism.

People coping with stress have experienced the peace and simplicity of the Sablou as
a beneficial experience. An ideal place to recover your strength and resources .

The beautiful locations of the estate are inspirational for artists.
There are 10 easels at your disposal.

Ceramics / baking pots, a professional oven is available.

Sculpting, in wood and stone. On the estate you can find your choice of wood and
stone to achieve all your artistic desires.

For organizing a sport internship there are many possibilities at Sablou.
For example: dancing, walking, cycling, archery, kite flying, riding, fencing, etc.

Want to know more about your event at Sablou?
Mail us at, we are happy to be of service.